A little bit about my work experience.


Greg Van Der Walt.

My design career started in 2002.

Since 2002 I have worked for 3 amanzing companies and recently freelanced for Teresa Settas on weekends doing Gusto's packaging and Aristick vinyl designs.

In 2002 I started at a company called Heypenny Gold where I started off as a junior graphic designer. I was taken under the wing by an amazing boss Jill Dial and an amazing designer Vivian.

In 2007 I worked for Graphic Development where I worked with an amazing brand company which worked solely on the Simba brand.

In 2010 I started at Jetline Head Office. Over the 9 years working at Jetine and guided by John Shalala and Phileppe de Costa I watched and was part of a company that grew to one of the biggest printing companies in South Africa with over 48 Franchise comapanies. I designed all of the store branding, vehicle branding and all in-house promotions. With Jetline being such a big print company I was able to learn a lot about outdoor products and also learning how to setup POS dispalys for the Zund machine.

Unfortunately I left Jetline in October 2019 to start a new life in the UK where I hope to futher my design career.